Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 – Galaxy Z Flip 5 The external screen will get several great tricks! Features of the external screen in the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5

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Many leaks have confirmed so far that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have a larger cover screen. And although the new external screen has an unusual shape that resembles a folder, it will bring much greater advantages when the foldable phone is closed.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external display will allow people to view and write messages, browse the web, and use apps and One UI features more comfortably when they don’t feel like opening the phone. This is a feature in itself, but we hope Samsung has more tricks up its sleeve.

Unique widgets and animations for the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Cover screen

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 will likely get an external display large enough to cover nearly half of the device. Thus, it may be time for Samsung to develop new and clever tricks, especially for the cover screen.

Galaxy Z Flip 5

The company is likely to develop a whole bunch of new external display animations for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and future models. Each possible notification type – be it a message notification, information about a connected wearable device, or everything in between – will get a well-detailed animation decorated with cool UI elements.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

This high-quality, almost dynamic island-like animation of the outdoor screen should bring a unique element to the series. Galaxy Z Flip. And for users worried about battery life, it will offer the option to disable these animations from appearing when the external display is turned off (or the always-on display is enabled) and when the phone is placed inside a pocket.

These features that Samsung will bring to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 have not been confirmed. According to previous reports, the company is expected to unveil the next generation of foldable phones in July at the Unpacked event that will be hosted at COEX in Korea.

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