Windows 11 – Windows 11 receives an awesome feature that you will like. Learn about the new feature in Windows 11

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Microsoft continues to develop Windows 11, despite the fact that rumors about Windows 12 are becoming more prevalent by the day.

Microsoft brings Windows Vista desktop tools to Windows 11

The widely used operating system is constantly being improved with new features and updates added. The information that has emerged indicates that the next feature that Microsoft plans to introduce are user interface elements on the Windows 11 desktop similar to those in Windows Vista.

Microsoft is finally bringing desktop gadgets similar to those in Windows Vista to the Windows 11 operating system. The company, which is developed in the modern era, mainly aims to increase productivity.

There are many products on the market that are made to make our normal activities simpler. The same can be said of computer operating systems. And productivity-enhancing tools are constantly being added to the software by companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, to name a few.

Widgets are quickly becoming one of the most used productivity tools. Widgets are small windows that can be interacted with and provide quick access to different types of information or actions. In recent years, they have seen an exponential rise in popularity, and now you can access them on a variety of platforms.

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The latest information indicates that Windows will eventually support user interface elements. Soon, users will have the ability to add widgets to their desktops, including those developed by independent, third-party developers.

Of course, Microsoft is putting more emphasis on the features it introduced with Windows Vista for the first time, such as desktop features like weather and news. This is evidenced by the return of the gadget-like experience.

This step provides Microsoft with a golden opportunity to rethink the way tools work on a personal computer.

The ability to “pin” widgets to the desktop is expected to significantly increase the level of user productivity. Although the update to the tools may be delayed to a newer version, the fact that there is potential for significant improvements to the tools is an encouraging development.

It is likely that all versions of Windows 11 will receive updates and improvements that will be distributed through the Microsoft Store at some point.

What do you think in general about Windows 11? What is the most important feature it is missing?


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