The most important 5 habits that destroy your phone and do them daily without knowing their danger! You must avoid them starting todayImportant tips regarding bad daily habits that accidentally destroy your phone!

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No person can live in our modern world without a smartphone, as phones have become a major part of our daily life, and here are the top 5 habits that destroy your phone that you do every day without intending to, we put it before you in this article in order to avoid it in order to preserve your device that cost you an amount of dollars ..

The top 5 habits that destroy your phone should be avoided

First / fully charge the phone to 100% daily
This information may seem strange, but it is true. It destroys your phone in the long run, so what is the reason? Simply, the reason for this is due to the fact that your device’s battery has a specific number of charging cycles, and repeating this process daily will lead to a decrease in its performance and speed up its depletion, so try to reduce the charging cycles to make the phone’s battery life longer.

Battery charging

Secondly, buy a cheap charger (charging cables).
You must bear in mind that the process of charging your phone with any cheap charger will not only destroy your phone’s battery, but may cause danger to you personally and put your life itself at stake by exploding at any moment.

Contrary to what is widespread among people, there is absolutely no problem in using a charger other than the original charger from the same phone company, but you just have to make sure that it is a good charger from a reputable company that cares about safety and quality standards such as Anker and other famous electronics companies, while making sure that it is not imitated.

Third, connect to public Wi-Fi networks
You should know very well the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, as it may lead to hacking, and the reason is that most of these networks are not encrypted and based on weak protections, which makes you an easy prey for hackers connected to you in the same network to hack your phone or steal your information.

Most importantly, if you have to connect to public Wi-Fi networks, be careful when connecting to avoid any sites or services that ask you for sensitive information, such as banking services.

Habits that ruin your phone

Fourth / Beware of neglecting and avoiding updates!!
The majority believe that the update takes a large amount of storage space uselessly, and therefore they neglect it, and this is a dangerous and wrong thing!
Although it really takes up a lot of space on your phone, it remains important and keeps your phone system running smoothly and quickly by fixing some problems and decoding security vulnerabilities that may threaten your privacy..

Habits that ruin your phone
Android updates

Fifth: Close background applications:
Leaving applications running in the background saves more energy life and makes the system smoother in use, as the general concept that closing open applications in the background makes your phone faster and lighter in use is wrong, on the contrary, opening an application and processing the entire process Starting from scratch will take more time than if it keeps running in the background!

One last point that deserves to be included in the list of habits that destroy your phone, which is using it at a high or low temperature, as leaving your phone inside a car on a sunny day or leaving it charging under a pillow, for example, is completely wrong, and the reason is that the latter uses lithium batteries that do not provide the maximum It has when exposed to extreme or minimum temperatures..

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The most important 5 habits that destroy your phone and do them daily without knowing their danger!  You should avoid them starting today
Tips to avoid habits that destroy your phone

These were a few habits that are ruining your phone Android Or the iPhone, by avoiding it, we guarantee that your device will remain intact and in good condition for a longer period of time.

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