Windows 11 – Windows 11 surprises its users with a very important new feature for Wi-Fi .. How to access it? Finally .. Windows 11 comes with the most important and long-awaited feature

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Despite the fact that this new version includes more user-friendly features similar to those in smartphones, it lacks some very important features. Fortunately, Microsoft is exhausting all its resources to develop Windows 11.

Windows 11 has been available to the public for more than two years. The operating system, which was very successful after its release, brought many features that were previously only available on mobile devices to the PC world. Despite the fact that this new version includes more user-friendly features that are similar to those in smartphones, it still lacks some features.

and exhausted Microsoft All of its resources are used to develop Windows 11. Users will soon be able to easily share their Wi-Fi passwords with others thanks to a new feature being tested by Microsoft as part of the Windows 11 Insider Preview.

How to view all saved passwords for Wi-Fi networks in Windows 11?

Windows 11 includes a variety of improvements designed to make the operating system easier to use. However, one of them was not able to display saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords. The good news is that things are starting to look up in this regard.

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That’s because Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 11 Insider Preview, which includes a new feature that allows users to view all saved Wi-Fi passwords. This feature was introduced in response to customer feedback.

In the past, users were required to use a third-party tool or manually search the registry in order to locate their WiFi passwords.

View all saved passwords for Wi-Fi networks in Windows 11

Because of this new feature, finding your Wi-Fi passwords, whether you have forgotten them or you need to give them to someone else, is now less difficult, as users are able to see their Wi-Fi passwords by following some very easy steps. This feature will be released soon.

To do this, just launch the Settings app and go to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi to see what passwords you’ve saved for different Wi-Fi networks.

You will find a list of all the Wi-Fi networks that your computer has connected to in the past in the Manage known networks section of the list. To see the password for a specific network, select the network first and then click on the button labeled View WiFi Security Key. You will be able to see the password written in plain text.

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