The iOS 16.5 update causes a very annoying problem for iPhone and Apple users. Learn about the problem in the iOS 16.5 update

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In recent days, many iPhone users have reported battery drain after the arrival of the iOS 16.5 update, which was officially released by Apple a few weeks ago.

iOS 16.5 update drains iPhone battery

According to reports, some users have claimed that their phones’ battery life has been halved, while others have said that their devices now only last a few hours on a single charge.

According to information from the site GizchinaApple has acknowledged the problem and said it is investigating the cause. Meanwhile, the company has provided some tips for users who are experiencing battery issues with iOS 16.5.

iOS 16.5 update

Apple suggested that users restart their iPhones, update apps, and disable features they don’t use. Apple also asked to contact the company’s support if this battery problem persists on the devices.

It is still not clear why the battery life is reduced in iOS 16.5. However, there are some possible explanations, such as the amount of background processes, the addition of new features, and also some bugs.

The iOS 16.5 update causes a very annoying problem for iPhone users and Apple is responding

It should be noted that in recent days, users who are testing iOS 16.6 have also reported problems with Apple’s own accessories after installing the beta update. The company must work on fixes for all of these deficiencies.

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And if you’re having battery issues after upgrading to iOS 16.5, try to follow Apple’s advice, and if the problem persists, contact the company’s support. There are no expectations for a final fix yet, but Apple is expected to release an update soon.


The iOS 16.5 update has caused battery issues for many iPhone users. Apple acknowledged the problem and investigated the cause, while offering some tips to solve the problem. It is still not clear why the battery life is reduced, but the company is expected to release an update soon to fix the problem.

Have you noticed anything different about battery life after iOS 16.5?

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