7 phones will receive the Android 14 update before the end of 2023, in a big surprise. Learn about the phones that will get Android 14.

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Little by little, the first brands began announcing plans to publish their “Android 14” Android 14 update, revealing which of the devices that make up their catalog will receive the update.

On this occasion, the Chinese company “Vivo” was alive and confirmed the models 7 Which forms part of its update plan to the latest version of Android.

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Among the models confirmed by a press release shared by Vivo, we find models of the Y, V and X series. According to the information shared, all of them will receive the update before the end of the year, which will push the brand, once again, to be among the first to bring latest version of Android to their device.

Vivo will update 7 phones to Android 14 before the end of the year

Vivo X90 Pro

On the list are some of the latest models released by the company, including flagship models like the Vivo X90 Pro. It is also possible to find devices belonging to lower ranges, such as those of the V and Y series. The full list is available below:

  • Y series: Y22s, Y35, Y55
  • V Series: V23
  • X Series: X60 Pro, X80 Lite, X80 Pro, X90 Pro

At the moment, the brand has not revealed the estimated date of arrival of Android 14 to the indicated devices. A logical thing, on the other hand, because even Google itself has not confirmed the release date of the final version of Android 14, and today we only know that it should arrive at some point between August and September.

Currently, vivo and Google And Nothing is the only three brands that have revealed their full planning when it comes to updating their devices to the next version of the operating system. However, other companies are expected to join in little by little.

In your opinion, what is the most important feature that should be available in Android 14?

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