Artificial intelligence is the ghoul of the age.. it swallows some jobs and enhances others.. the change will exceed 23% of jobs! The danger of artificial intelligence to human jobs

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OpenAI has taken the world by storm with its AI-powered chatbot, which has revolutionized the tech world and the way people search for information online.

It also sparked a new trend among major technology companies, which are now working to offer their own artificial intelligence solutions for development. Microsoft Investing in ChatGPT To integrate the technology into its products, Google decided to launch Bard as one of the first and most relevant competitors to ChatGPT.

The inescapable reality is that every company will need to adapt to this “new world,” which is why Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI The emergence of artificial intelligence will have both positive and negative consequences for humanity.

Where “Altman” revealed that artificial intelligence will put an end to many jobs and because of it many employees and jobs will be laid off in order to save time and effort, but at the same time it will help improve technological technologies and enhance some other jobs, and when asked about the future of this artificial intelligence, “Altman” answered :

“We believe that many jobs will disappear, and this happens in every technological revolution through the ages, but with that some jobs will improve, and in general I think we will see an impact everywhere. Society will try to regulate artificial intelligence, but this will not prevent the future.”

artificial intelligence

Jobs will disappear with artificial intelligence

According to research by the World Economic Forum to 2027, the expectation is that about 23% of existing jobs (nearly a quarter) will change, with some of them going to be created while others will suffer a transformation or disappear forever.

“Many jobs will be replaced by algorithms that will automate some jobs, or they will be replaced by car services such as supermarket cashiers,” confirms “Arruda,” a researcher at the Cabral Foundation.

Some specific jobs will be in high demand in the next four years. These include workers in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data security, educators, and people who work with green energy (also called renewable energy) which is energy extracted from natural sources such as sunlight. Wind, rain, tides, vegetation…

The CEO of OpenAI also took the opportunity to talk about the imminent “AI regulation” to stress that this is not an easy task, but we have to think about how to regulate it, he said: “I will not be naive and pretend that this regulation is something easy to do, we need to avoid mistakes.” Big that can negatively affect the world. I travel the world for a series of reasons; One is hearing people use technology in different contexts.”

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Recently, Samsung, Apple and the giant manufacturers have expressed their fear and dissatisfaction with this majestic intrusion of artificial intelligence in various fields. They have officially announced the prohibition of any interaction between their employees and artificial intelligence, in order to ensure the confidentiality of their data and their fear of any possible leaks.

The names include Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk. So far, there are many conversations, and OpenAI is also the target across many countries. In the US, the country categorically wants to work on technology regulations. However, she does ask some industry figures to help write the rules. Experts say this could lead to regulatory control – allowing companies to write permissive rules that lead to public harm.

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Artificial intelligence will eliminate routine jobs

Artificial intelligence will definitely be a great revolution and a part of many discussions in the next few years, so far it has already brought great changes to some professionals and students, and there are more changes to come.

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