iPhone 15 – iPhone 15 series offers an important upgrade is the highest in the history of Apple phones iPhone 15 series – iPhone 15 will support faster wireless charging!

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It is expected that Apple will unveil the next generation of its flagship phones, iPhone 15 – iPhone 15, later in September this year, and many leaks and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup have been scattered, and now – in a new development – surprising information has appeared about the series. iPhone 15, especially with regard to charging .. Here are the details.

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 – iPhone 15 will support the fastest wireless charging speed

According to the report, the regular iPhone 15 will support faster wireless charging speed through a third-party charger other than MagSafe, the speed in the current iPhone 14 series is limited to 7.5W through open wireless charging standards.

Only authorized MagSafe accessories were eligible for a full 15W wireless charging speed on compatible phones, and the report adds that the upcoming iPhone 15 will support the open Qi2 standard that will enable the phone to charge at 15W.

It should be noted that Qi2 is already compatible with all iPhones, but Apple has not yet officially confirmed the charging speed.

iPhone 15
iPhone charging

Location detection ChargerLab The previous limitation on wireless charging speeds was due to restrictions on non-MFi-certified products, and MFi is a certification provided by Apple where manufacturers are required to obtain a license to make accessories for Apple.

Qi2 is based on Apple’s Mag standard and is said to reduce the cost of wireless chargers to a third of MagSafe chargers, this is because manufacturers will not need to obtain MFi certification.

According to previous leaks and rumors, the standard iPhone 15 is expected to come with a Dynamic Island and also feature a USB-C port, and the latest development of 15W wireless charging support makes it worth upgrading for older iPhone users, mainly because the current generation of iPhone 14 It contains incremental upgrades compared to its predecessor.

iPhone 15
Charging iPhone 15

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What do you think about upgrading the charger for the upcoming iPhone?

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