Galaxy S24 Ultra gets a massive camera upgradeGalaxy S24 Ultra features an amazing camera with 5x optical zoom

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In the latest round of rumors about upcoming flagship phones from Samsung, it was revealed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will get a major camera upgrade, here are the details..

Galaxy S24 Ultra Galaxy S24 Ultra

According to an article I recently published GalaxyClub Samsung plans to improve the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s zoom capabilities by introducing 5x optical zoom.

To achieve this improvement Samsung is said to be considering ditching the existing 3x telephoto sensor, which is currently paired with a 10x periscope lens, this move would mark a departure from the dual zoom sensor setup introduced with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and potentially pave the way for a more advanced zoom system. .

Galaxy S23 Ultra

The evolution of Samsung’s camera technology in its S-class smartphones has been noteworthy, for example the Galaxy S20 Ultra introduced a groundbreaking 100x digital zoom camera, thanks to its 48MP telephoto lens with 4x optical zoom.

Next up, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra features a 12MP telephoto lens capable of 5x optical zoom and an impressive 50x field zoom.

On recent iterations, such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung has equipped its devices with two proximity sensors, each capable of 10MP resolution.

This setup allowed for 3x and 10x optical zooms using each lens, while the maximum space zoom was capped at 100x until the S23 Ultra was released.

Galaxy S24 Ultra
Projected image of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Initial rumors had suggested that the Galaxy S24 Ultra would introduce a new telephoto sensor with variable zoom, potentially including a triple-camera system. However, later reports indicate that Samsung has changed its plans and decided to keep the current camera configuration for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The potential inclusion of a 5x optical zoom camera in the Galaxy S24 Ultra represents an exciting development for photography enthusiasts and smartphone users. As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of smartphone camera technology, the upcoming flagship device is expected to offer incredible zoom capabilities, allowing users to capture intricate details from far away. .

Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S24 Ultra

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