Android 14 will provide a terrible feature, everyone is waiting for it, a terrible battery feature coming with Android 14

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Reports of upcoming special features continue with the upcoming Android 14 phone operating system – Android 14, of which the final version is expected to be launched within the next two months.

Battery check feature in Android 14

A specialist in analyzing the features and characteristics of the Android 14 operating system revealed that the new API is designed to provide useful information about the health of your phone’s battery.

According to the source, the interface of the new battery application in Android 14 will provide a lot of humiliating information such as the number of cycles, charging status, manufacturing date, date of first use, and most importantly, the health status of the battery.

Currently, these features are available on Pixel phones that have received the second beta update of the Android 14 Beta 2 operating system and versions that will be released later.

We must bear in mind that the battery health measurement feature is not 100% accurate, but Google will eventually launch this feature.

Unfortunately, it is likely that Google will skip launching this feature in Android 14, and this new feature will be launched in Android 15 next year.


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