HarmonyOS 3: A list of 8 devices that will receive the update features this monthDevices that will receive the new HarmonyOS 3 update in June 2023

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Huawei recently released a major upgrade for phones running HarmonyOS 3 and there are 8 more devices that will get this update with many important features.

According to the source, Huawei has planned to launch features HarmonyOS 3 The main of these eight devices this month. Here is the full list, more devices may be added later.

Devices that will receive the HarmonyOS 3 update this month

  1. Huawei P50 Pro
  2. Huawei P50
  3. Huawei P50E
  4. Huawei Mate Xs 2
  5. Huawei P50 Pocket
  6. Huawei Nova 10
  7. Huawei Nova 10 Pro
  8. Huawei MatePad Pro 11 inches.

The features that the update will bring include improvements to service tools that get new improvements. It’s now smarter, supports scene rotation, and automatically matches the most appropriate widget content.

Different widgets can also be combined at will, which can be large or small to be smarter.

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Features of Harmony OS 3

The smart multi window feature is now more convenient. Screen split group can switch positions with one key, and can be saved with one key. The split screen state can also be restored at any time.

You can import all by simply taking a photo, the electronic schedule is created automatically, and calendar reminders can also be added.

HarmonyOS 3: List of 8 devices that will receive the update features this month
Features of Harmony OS 3

The one-step interactive feature allows for one-key voice exchange, and the voice exchange can be completed smoothly during a call, and files can also be printed one by one. It is no longer necessary to select a separate application to open the document, and you can select it directly for printing.

Animations are now smoother and more interactive. A new mechanism to interrupt the animation effect has been added, and other operations can be switched at any time. The animation effect has been improved for a better user experience.

HarmonyOS 3: List of 8 devices that will receive the update features this month
Improved animation effect

App Guard also gets new improvements. It now allows you to switch between apps and switch to known app scenarios. You can also perform hidden searches for apps and more.

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