Xiaomi MIUI 15 interface: a list of features that we hope will arrive in the next updateMIUI 15 features that everyone wishes to have

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After the huge success of the Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface, leaks began to circulate about the upcoming MIUI 15 version that will be based on the Android 14 operating system. The Android 14 developer preview version has attracted users’ attention with its important features. So we have prepared a list of features that we would like to have in the upcoming MIUI 15 release.

With each software release, Google has added a lot of new, polished features that make the user experience more convenient and give consumers a reason to stick to an Android device. Google started rolling out the Android 14 Developer Preview in February and the final release is expected in August. After that, other manufacturers like Xiaomi will start sending it to eligible phones and devices.

xiaomi interface

The Chinese technology company has not yet shared any information regarding the next release of MIUI, but users are starting to assume the features of MIUI 15, and some potential features are already being discussed. At the Google I/O 2023 event, a host of new features for iOS were confirmed Android 14which may be released for Xiaomi devices along with MIUI 15 in the future.

Features that we would like to have in the Xiaomi MIUI 15 interface

Xiaomi MIUI 15 interface: a list of features that we hope will arrive in the next update
Xiaomi interface features
  • Predictive go back gesture
  • Prevent the installation of the old application
  • Incorporate health benefits
  • Quick pairing
  • larger fonts
  • Screen time in the battery usage section
  • satellite connection
  • New permission for alarms
  • audio devices
  • Advanced memory protection
  • Text labels for the taskbar on larger screens
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Extremely low battery alert
  • Better gaming improvements

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What features would you like for Xiaomi to come with the next update? Tell us via comments.

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