Samsung event – ​​Unpacked 2023 The company officially reveals the venue for the event with very important details The venue for Unpacked 2023

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confirmed Samsung The next Unpacked event will be held in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung President Lee Jae-yong-hee said the choice was made because of South Korea’s importance to the company. This summer’s event will include the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5, and Galaxy Watch 6.

Unpacked 2023 accommodation

With the anticipation growing around the launch of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones, the location of the event has been confirmed at least. Korean publication Yonhap News published a short teaser provided by Lee Young Hee, stating that the next Unpacked event will be held in South Korea.

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According to the site, Lee Young-hee stated that this summer’s event will be held in Seoul instead of the previous locations in the United States.

The decision for this site was made “because Korea matters and matters.” Samsung chose to hold the event in its home country as an important step for its home market.

It is not yet known the exact date when the new Samsung devices will be unveiled, but the company is rumored to want to introduce Unpacked by two weeks, leaving the new date for sometime in late July. The expected date is July 26, until Samsung makes an official statement.

The reason behind the move appears to be financial, as Samsung is facing a sudden drop in profits due to lack of demand in the semiconductor market. And an earlier date would allow the company to put the next wave of its devices in consumers’ hands sooner, helping it into the third quarter.

Samsung event - Unpacked 2023 The company officially reveals the venue for the event with very important details
Galaxy Z Flip 5

Speaking of new devices, Samsung’s Summer Unpacked is expected to feature the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5. Both devices recently got leaked in new colors, blue, green, platinum, and yellow for the Z Flip 5, in addition to blue and platinum for the Fold 5.

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Some images of the two devices have also been leaked, which show some minor changes on both foldable phones.

The Galaxy Watch 6 should also accompany both devices, as recent rumors revealed a design that users are sure to recognize.

What are your expectations for the Samsung Unpacked event?

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