Android 14 – Android 14 is the cheapest device that will get the update, including the Samsung and Xiaomi phones, a new list of phones that will get Android 14

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There are still at least two months for Google to start publishing the new version of its mobile operating system, Android 14 (Android 14), but some large smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Samsung or Vivo have already revealed the first phones to receive the new version of Android. Android.

Obviously, the usual thing is that high-end phones are the first to receive the update to Android 14, but there are many brands that have already promised that they will update some of their more modest phones. For this reason, below, we will tell you which are the five cheap phones that have confirmed the update to Android 14.

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These are the five Android smartphones that are mid-range phones that will receive Android 14 before the end of the year.

Xiaomi 13 Lite

There are phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, and Oppo, the first is the one that contributes most of the devices to this list, as it includes Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco.

The cheapest phones eligible for Android 14

The complete list of cheap Android smartphones that will be updated to Android 14 is as follows:

  • Xiaomi 13 Lite
  • Redmi Note 12
  • Samsung Galaxy A14
  • OPPO Reno7

Among them all, the two with better value for money are the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 and the Samsung Galaxy A14, both of which are priced around €150.

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Of course, we still cannot confirm when they will get Android 14 for these five phones, mainly because we still do not know when the new version of Android will officially arrive on the phones, although it will coincide with the release of the new flagship from Google, which is the Pixel 8. which is scheduled to be released between August and September.

Is your phone among the list of phones above?

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