GTA 6 game leaks – GTA 6 dominate world news in the field of games and bring the launch date closer! GTA 6 game – GTA 6 appears in the most important map leaks

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The upcoming GTA 6 game dominates the most important news in the gaming world, and fans of the game called Grand Theft Auto have been waiting for 10 years to reveal the next generation game.

The previous version, GTA 5, was released in 2013 amid expectations of amazing technologies for the game, especially when we hear that it will be the most expensive game to design, develop and even market, between one billion and two billion US dollars.

The most important leaks of the GTA 6 game – the GTA 6 game

The leak stated that the GTA 6 game will bring a very big upgrade on the physical realism of water. The company has hired 20 engineers whose sole task is to work out how game characters will engage with water, such as surfing and fishing activities, for the first time.


The GTA 6 representative also published a picture of him on the beach wearing the clothes that appear in the game, and some interpreted this as a hint that the game environment would return to Miami.

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And in a video clip via YouTube, GTA 5 appears here in 8K quality with Ray Tracing technology, with significant improvements to the quality of graphics, lighting and reflections.

It is rumored that the GTA 6 map is twice the size of the GTA 5 map. Someone wrote sarcastically: “You can imagine how many years it will take us to finish the game.”

Leaks also indicated the existence of hunting activity similar to the game Red Dead Redemption 2. The game will offer a wide wildlife experience with a wide range of animals, including predators such as crocodiles.

There were some rumors that Vice City would be the setting for GTA 6, according to leaked videos of the game’s map that went viral on September 18, 2022.


We will also see the return of Malibu Club to the game, and a new area called Port Gellhorn. Guns can also be swapped between hands to correct the shooting angle in order to aim for higher aiming accuracy. Guns can also be picked up from the ground and protection of opinion with two hands.

As for the date of the announcement, this is the hardest part. Unconfirmed news claims that gta 6 will be officially launched between October and November 2023. And other news says that the announcement will be sooner.

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