Windows 11 Update – Windows 11 brings new user interface elements with awesome features that cannot be ignoredWindows 11 update introduces new user interface elements with the most important required features

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In the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft introduced a convenient way to track your computer’s performance directly from the widget panel. This exciting development comes in the form of four new widgets designed to monitor your device’s processor, graphics card, RAM and network card.

Windows 11 brings new widgets to monitor your computer’s performance

Gone are the days when you needed to rely on third-party tools to monitor your computer’s performance. Where she rose Microsoft Including many built-in options. To help you monitor system resources in both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Windows 11 brings new widgets to monitor your computer’s performance

You can access the Task Manager simply by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Or you can launch the Xbox Game Bar with the Windows + G keyboard shortcut. It also features a performance monitoring module.

Soon, the Windows widget panel will provide a live, real-time view of your PC’s performance. And Microsoft is currently testing new widgets that let you not only monitor resource usage, but also take actions. Such as ending resource-intensive tasks with a single click.

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How to install performance monitoring tools in windows 11

Although these tools are still in the testing phase, you don’t have to wait to try them out. It is available for installation for all Windows 11 users through the Dev Home app preview. Which Microsoft recently made available on the App Store. You also do not need to be a member to access these tools. You can install it now on your computer.

Windows 11 brings new widgets to monitor your computer's performance
Windows 11 performance monitoring tools

To install the tools, start by downloading the Dev Home app on your Windows 11 PC. This application acts as a control center for all your workflows and includes new widgets for performance monitoring.

Once the app is installed, open the Windows Widgets panel by clicking the dedicated button in the taskbar or using the Windows + W keyboard shortcut. And if there are new widgets available, you’ll see a notification at the top of the panel. Then click “Add Now” to integrate the widgets into your panel or use the “+” button in the top left of the window.

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After adding the widgets, you can easily monitor your PC’s performance by accessing the Windows 11 Widgets panel or using the Windows + W keyboard shortcut.

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