The 6 most important things that Google Bard outperforms ChatGPT that you should know now Learn about the 6 most important things that Google Bard outperforms ChatGPT .. Get to know them now!

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Google Bard is one of the modern artificial intelligence bots, and many users are wondering if it is better than ChatGPT and what is superior to it. All experiments have confirmed that Google Bard is superior to ChatGPT in several aspects in which Google has shown enviable good work when developing its product. Therefore, today we will show you how it excels Google cool on ChatGPT.

Top 6 things that make google cool better than gpt chat

  1. Google Bard provides better quality answers

Google Bard trained himself using the vast Google database, which enabled him to provide highly accurate answers to users. After all, these answers have already been provided to us by the search engine in the past without any problem, so it is not surprising that this artificial intelligence is as accurate as the search engine created by Page and Serkin. The answers are more accurate than ChatGPT and it also has a function which we will see later that will definitely help us beat ChatGPT.

Top 6 things that make google cool better than gpt chat
  1. You have an internet connection

The free model of ChatGPT does not have an internet connection, so we cannot ask current questions beyond the year 2021. This is due to the limited free users since it is GPT-4, unlike GPT-3. calculated some time ago. And in fact, if we use Bing with ChatGPT, it has internet connection, so it’s a great alternative to use compared to the free version of ChatGPT.

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  1. Different answers to the same question

This is one of everyone’s favourites. ChatGPT is an answer using its own AI, but Google cools you down to three different drafts to see if any of them most coherently meet the question you asked. It’s true that this breaks other AI mechanisms a bit as it tries to sound more like a human conversation, but it’s very useful especially if we usually review AI work before we send it. In this way, Bard will allow us to access multiple answers through one of its options.

  1. Summarize web pages

You may have noticed that when you ask ChatGPT for a long summary, it often makes a . This is because he is not willing to write summaries of more than 100 or 200 words, so when you ask him for a longer synopsis he automatically goes crazy. This is not the case with Google AI which is already set up by default to summarize long texts for us. And if we add to this that he is able to give us different answers to the same question, the truth is that he becomes completely and absolutely unbeatable in the face of his competitors.

Cool google vs gpt chat
Cool google vs gpt chat
  1. Contact Google and see the sources

Google’s AI will always tell you where you got the information from. And it shows that sourcing is crucial, even though it’s something that has long allowed you to use Bing. Bing also always displays and references its sources correctly and uses GPT-4, but it allows us to deepen our search through many more hyperlinks than Microsoft’s search engine.

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  1. Easily transfer generated text to Google Docs

If you require an abstract, you can export this text to other support formats. Although you can always refer to it through the history, so that we can copy or paste it into other documents of interest to us and also save it to print if we want. This is easy to achieve and that ChatGPT should have integrated a long time ago.

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