Galaxy S23 Ultra – Galaxy S23 Ultra A resounding surprise in the cost of manufacturing the phone How much does it cost to manufacture the phone?

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A recent study revealed the cost of manufacturing the best Samsung phone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, version 8 and 256 GB, which has a market price of more than $1,000.

The real price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra

According to the latest BoM analysis, based on the Counterpoint Component Research Service, the cost of manufacturing the phone is only $ 469.

According to the analysis, the basic components such as the processor and camera system, and due to the surplus of components, the price of the phone in the manufacturing process decreased.

According to the analysis, 35% of the phone’s price goes back to the processor, 18% goes back to the screen, 14% to the camera, and 11% to the memory. As for the structure, its cost is 8% of the total price, and the remaining 15% is for the rest of the other components such as connectors, the pen, Speakers, keyboard, microphones, and most importantly the battery.

According to many reports, the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the same, but it seems that Apple is achieving a greater profit margin than Samsung.


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