Apple officially announces iOS 17 – iOS 17 with a set of awesome features and amazing improvementsOfficially unveiling the iOS 17 beta release date with great features and important fixes

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Apple today announced a system iOS 17 The new iOS 17 through WWDC 2023 conference a major release for iPhone that upgrades the phone calls, FaceTime, and Messages experience, makes sharing easier with AirDrop, and delivers smarter input that improves typing speed and accuracy.

iOS 17 also introduces new experiences with Journal, an app that makes it easier for people to express gratitude, and StandBy, a new way to display information that can be seen when your iPhone is set and charging.

Highlights of iOS 17 officially

iOS 17 features

Notable features of Apple’s new iOS 17 include new security features, a built-in Journal app, a new Nightstand mode, redesigned contact cards, better autocorrect and voice transcription, and live voicemail. And you’ll be able to delete “Hey” from “Hey Siri.”

Major upgrades to the mobile experience

Your contact book is getting an update with a new feature called stickers, which turns contact cards into flashy, marquee-like images that appear full screen on your recipient’s iPhone when you call them. They use a similar design language to the redesigned lock screens, with bold typography options and the ability to add Memoji, and will work with third-party VoIP apps.

The most important features of iOS 17
The most important features of iOS 17

FaceTime adds audio and video messages and reactions

There is also a new voicemail transcription feature that allows you to view the text of the message left by the caller in real time. And you can choose to take or answer the call, and it’s all handled on the device. You will also be able to leave a message on FaceTime as well.

Some of the updates to Messages include the ability to filter searches with additional terms, a feature that moves to the most recent messages so you can catch up on them more easily, voice-composing — similar to what the Pixel 7 series introduced — and a series of new features called Check In that share your live location and status with another person. It can automatically message a friend when you get home, and it can share your phone’s battery and cellular service status to help avoid confusion if you’re in a dead zone.

iOS 17 features
iOS 17 features

Stickers are also undergoing an overhaul, with the ability to add any emoji or cutout as a “sticker” placed on iMessages or anywhere within the system. Live photos can be turned into animated stickers too, and now you can add effects to the stickers.

Easier sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

AirDrop is getting an update to send contact information — cleverly called NameDrop — which will send selected email addresses and phone numbers (and your sticker) just by bringing two iPhones close together. Also works between iPhone and Apple Watch. Images can be shared in the same way, and if the file is large, it is now possible to drop out of range while the download continues.

Improvements to autocorrect and spelling provide smarter input

iOS 17 features
iOS 17 features

iOS 17 also includes keyboard updates, including autocorrect improvements. It now relies on a new language model for better accuracy, as well as an easier shortcut to go back to the original word you typed if needed. There is now built-in predictive typing and automatic sentence-level corrections to correct more grammatical errors. You’ll finally learn your favorite curse words, too; Apple’s Craig Federighi even cracked a joke on stage. And dictation uses a new AI model, which is also more accurate.

A new way to appreciate life’s moments

A new app called Journal automatically suggests moments you might want to celebrate in a journal entry. Your entries can include photos, music, and activities, and you can schedule reminders for yourself to start writing. It’s end-to-end encrypted, too, to keep things private.

Journal app in iOS 17
Journal app in iOS 17

StandBy displays information that can be seen while the iPhone is charging

StandBy is a new charging mode that turns the screen into a status display with date and time. It can display information from live activities, widgets, and smart stacks and automatically launches when your phone is in landscape mode while charging. You can swipe right to see some of your featured images, and it comes with customizable watch faces. Siri will display visual results in StandBy, and the screen turns a red tone at night to avoid disrupting sleep.

New charging mode in iOS 17
New charging mode in iOS 17

Siri is getting a boost too, finally letting you drop the “Hi” from “Hey Siri.” It will also recognize consecutive commands.

iOS 17 beta release date

The iOS 17 developer beta is available to Apple Developer Program members at Starting today, and a public beta will be available next month . New software features will also be available this fall as a free software update for iPhone Xs and later.

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