Apple Vision Pro – Apple Glass is finally official

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After years of delay, the American Apple announced its Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, which blends the real and digital worlds.

Apple Vision Pro specifications

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “It is the first Apple product that you look through and do not just look at it, you are no longer tied to a screen,” as the new glasses focus on augmented reality.

And Apple made it clear by announcing its new glasses that it interacts with a computer user interface, characterized by a feature called EyeSight that makes the front glass of the glasses transparent so that those around you can see your eyes.

The company stated that the glasses focus on things like e-mail rather than games, for example. In fact, the user who wears the glasses can bring the desktop in front of him without sitting in front of his device.

Apple Vision Pro - Apple's glasses are finally official

The Apple Vision Pro glasses also support spatial audio, so that the user feels immersed in video chats or the content he is browsing through the glasses.

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The glasses also fully support pairing with Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices, so that your devices become in front of you on a virtual screen, as shown in the image above.

Apple Vision Pro - Apple's glasses are finally official

It can also work through the FaceTime app where people can be shown in their natural size through video calls, while offering an enhanced experience for viewing photos and videos.

Apple also announced a collaboration with Disney to support all Disney games, movies and applications.

In terms of specifications, the entire front is made of glass with a light aluminum frame, and the top has a push button and digital crown for optimal fit.

The speaker features distinctive audio hardware, as well as a microOLED silicon reinforced panel that contains 23 million pixels across two display panels, which can display 4k video in its full resolution.

The glasses contain an M2 chip paired with a new R1 chip dedicated to real-time sensor processing.

The glasses will be available early next year and will be available for sale for $ 3499 and will be in the United States only.


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