Samsung launches the most important update in its history, and these are the first 4 phones to receive it. The first 4 phones to receive very important Samsung updates

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Just a few hours after Google launched the Android update in June 2023, Samsung began publishing the latest Android security patch on the Galaxy Z, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy A series of phones, and this is just the beginning, as the Korean giant plans to update the vast majority of smartphones. before the end of the month.

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And so, as confirmed by a moderator SamMobileThe Korean company has started releasing the latest Android update for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy A52s 5G.

Samsung releases the June security patch update

Galaxy Note 20

The June security update is already coming to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 in the US with firmware version F936U1UES2CWE1, to Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra from the US country with number N98xU1UES4HWE1 and to Galaxy A52s 5G from Mexico and other Latin American countries with firmware version A528BXXS4EWE2.

In any of the three cases, this update is expected to reach the rest of the world models within the next few weeks.

This new software release includes, as it could not be otherwise, the June 2023 security patch, which resolves a total of 64 privacy and security issues. Among them all, a total of 53 are Google fixes and the remaining 11 are fixes for vulnerabilities discovered by Samsung.

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In addition, this new security patch fixes a large number of common bugs detected in One UI and improves device stability and performance.

Once this new security update is available worldwide, you can check if it has already arrived by accessing the section upgrade softwarewhich you will locate in the Settings menu of your Samsung Galaxy and when it appears you can apply it simply by clicking the button Download and install.

Is your phone among the list of phones above eligible for the update?

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