What are MiMojis in Xiaomi phones and how do you use them? What are MiMojis in Xiaomi phones

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Xiaomi didn’t want to miss out on drawing animated emojis, and just like Apple has Animoji, Chinese company Xiaomi also has its own MiMojis. But, do you really know what they are or how you can use them in your Xiaomi phone? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything.

What are MiMojis in Xiaomi phones?

What are MiMojis in Xiaomi phones?

They are animated emojis, which use the facial recognition of the front camera of our Xiaomi device, and are able to characterize and repeat the actions of our face. Whether it’s the movement of our face, eyes, or mouth, MiMojis are able to represent every movement in real time.

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And although Xiaomi’s MiMojis at the moment have rather limited features, the truth is that they allow us to share small videos. In addition, these allow us to record our voice, as well as customize it with different effects as we want.

Now that we know what MiMojis are in Xiaomi phones, now how do you use them?

Currently MiMojis are only available on MIUI Chinese ROM. However, we can install them manually on Xiaomi, Poco or Redmi, as well as on any other Android smartphone.

What are MiMojis on Xiaomi phones and how do you use them?

To do this, we just have to Download this app Which they provide to us from the official Xiaomi community, that is, from the Mi community. Once installed, do not forget to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources, we will find the following interface easy to use.

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From the main menu, we can choose the MiMoji we like the most and then record the expressions and content we want in general with the selfie camera. Among the animated emojis we find a wide variety of animals and also our favorite pet, MITU.

Steps to use this feature on Xiaomi phones

Once we record a small clip of 10 seconds, it will allow us to tune and customize our sound; Either the original, woman or man and also download it on our gallery. It also allows us to share video, although only through apps that target China.

Now, what do you think of this feature?

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