Google Chrome update brings very important improvements to the memory saving feature Learn about the new improvements in the Google Chrome update

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Google introduced the “memory saver” in the Google Chrome update in early 2023, but the company hasn’t stopped perfecting it with subsequent versions of the Google Chrome update.

Once activated, this feature automatically freezes background tabs that haven’t been opened in a while, making them visible in the tab bar for quick access and reloading when needed. With Chrome Canary 116, we can expect some much needed visual improvements.

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Google wants the memory saving feature to be more visible in the Google Chrome update

As noted by savvy Chrome researcher @Leopeva64, the card that appears at the bottom of the tab when you hover your mouse will provide more information when the tab is in sleep mode.

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Specifically, you will be able to see exactly how much RAM has been saved in Chrome by freezing the respective tab. This small and welcome change shows exactly how memory saver works in Google Chrome without having to investigate any additional menus.

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Additionally, Google is adding this same information to the Memory Saver badge that appears in the address bar when you reactivate a frozen tab. Here, Google is looking to add a pseudo-graph intended to represent whether or not the amount of memory saved is too much. While this graphical representation may be more useful to the average user than the total megabyte savings, adding to a mouseover card still provides some visual information with ease.

Google Chrome update brings very important improvements to the memory saving feature

Meanwhile, the gray icons of inactive tabs that you can see is another interface improvement Google is developing to make Memory Saver’s operations more transparent. And you can check all these changes in Chrome Canary by turning on the chrome://flags/#memory-saver-savings-reporting-improvements option.


These innovations bring significant improvements in the way we interact with our browser and, at the same time, in the efficiency of our computer. Although the changes may seem small, they have a huge impact on Chrome’s usability and performance, making browsing more transparent and efficient.

What do you think of the browser Google Chrome in general? What is the most prominent feature of the browser?

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