The most prominent features of the new iOS 17 version that caught the spotlight at the Apple Developers Conference and amazed everyone! Learn about the features of the new iOS 17 version

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Everyone waited impatiently to see the features that the new iOS 17 version will bring, and they are really awesome and liked by everyone. In this article, we collected for you 15 new features in the new iOS 17 version.

This year’s WWDC Apple Developers Conference sparkled with full of distinctive surprises, in which the company revealed amazing things: a powerful processor with awesome capabilities, an amazingly thin MacBook Air, a Mac Pro, a heavy work monster, and a Mac Studio that terrifies every content maker, but all this did not steal the light from the audience. The new iOS 17 update…

iOS 17 version

Features of the new iOS 17 version

First: customize the calls window

Now with IOS 17, when you receive a call, the caller will not only be identified by name or a personal picture, but by a complete Poster that you can pre-customize with a background picture or Emoji of the caller.

Contacts backgrounds can be customized exactly as if you customize your lock screen page, and the background will not only stop appearing in the event of a call, but extends even to the page of the contact, thus it will be easier for the user to identify the caller even if the phone is far from him and he cannot read the name of the caller .

Second: Live Voicemail

It often happens that a strange number or even a friend of yours calls you and you want to know the intention of the caller or the reason for the call without answering due to lack of time or to avoid any embarrassment, with the direct voice mail feature the caller’s voice message will appear in the box in real time and then you can choose either to answer the call or leave it .

The live message will not only be heard by the voice of the addressee, but even transformed into a text written in real time if the situation does not allow the sound to be played. With this feature, say goodbye to embarrassment with friends’ invitations to go out at a time that does not allow.

Third: Journal app

There is nothing better than keeping a diary to remember the best moments, the new Journal application in the iOS 17 version gives you the opportunity to write diaries in a modern and distinctive way that you have never experienced before, the application has access to photos and reminds you of distinctive photos.

Not only that, but even sites, with special themes and smart suggestions by adding songs, sites, and additional images under a unified theme that expresses the memory to be written on, and to help you get started. By writing your diary.

iOS 17 version
iOS 17 version

Fourth: StandBy

A feature inspired by the Apple Watch, place the phone on a stand at night or while charging, and the necessary information, such as the clock and calendar, will appear in a distinctive way similar to a desk clock. Red to relax your eyes and help you sleep.

Fifth: stickers

In addition to the new and beautiful design of the iMessage application, extensive work has been done on the stickers feature. When you click on the left icon in the writing box, press the stickers icon and you will find a drawer full of cute and unique stickers. There are also all emojis converted into stickers.

The interesting thing is that you can simply convert any live image into a poster simply, by simply pressing the plus button in the tray, it will show you your live photos that are suitable to be a poster, the system removes the background for you and converts it in a professional way, these stickers are not limited to the iMessage application, but developers can by exploiting them in third party applications.

Sixth: AirDrop

Apple made it easy to exchange numbers through the NameDrop feature. If you are with a friend and you want to exchange a means of communication, whether a phone number or an email, it is enough just to place the two devices next to each other and AirDrop will do the process. This feature works whether for iPhones or Apple watches, and to send photos, with the same process.

In the event that the two devices are separated from each other, the data will be transferred and the photos will be sent via the Internet. With SharePlay, you can quickly share your favorite songs. If you are in a sports class, for example, with your friend and you want to listen to the same music, put the two devices next to each other and let AirDrop do the rest.

iOS 17 version
iOS 17 version

Seventh: Quick improvements in the messaging application

Browsing the Messages application has become easier, you can search for any message simply by typing rules that limit the search field, in group chats … jump directly to the first message with one step if you have not read it yet, and to reply to any conversation, make a gesture and type your message quickly.

Eighth: move safely

The fountain of tenderness keeps her mind always busy while you are outside, with the new Check-In feature in the Messages application, someone you talk to can see your movement in the desired direction and your progress on your way, even if you stopped communicating for a while.

The feature can send enough information to help or at least reassure you, such as the battery percentage, your current location, or the status of your data, and of course all this information is end-to-end encrypted and secure.

The most prominent features of the new iOS 17 version that caught the spotlight at the Apple Developers Conference and amazed everyone!
iOS 17 version

Ninth: Converting voice messages into text

How many times have you received a voice message via iMessages and the environment in which you are in did not allow you to hear the message, now the iPhone messaging application will serve you and convert the voice message into text for you quickly and accurately without any errors, it is enough just to point to the voice message and press on an option and the words will start appearing smoothly.

Tenth: FaceTime

Apple finally launches a feature that has been in great demand and long awaited by the masses, in iOS 17 the FaceTime application has not only become an application for making direct video calls, you can now leave a video message to your friends to reach without the need for direct contact from one party to another.

Feature Eleven: Autocorrect

The debugger feature on the iPhone keyboard has become smarter and more practical with iOS 17. When you write a word and the debugger amends it and you want to return to it, just click on the word and the one you wrote will appear. The debugger will predict what you will write and will automatically complete the word or even an entire sentence, and of course that is based on Your previous writing, if the prediction is correct, just click on the track and he will complete the statement.

Twelve: dictation

The dictation process in the keyboard has also undergone advanced improvements and has become user friendly and understands what you want to type with higher accuracy with a lower error rate thanks to the built-in Apple processor.

Thirteen: Maps

There is no need now for the network to browse any necessary map, Apple now gives you the authority to download any map from the application and browse it at any time without the need to connect to the Internet.

Four evil: Siri

The voice assistant, in turn, underwent some minor improvements in terms of ease of use and speed in performance, iOS 17 will not force you to say hello to Siri to ask her about something, it is enough just to say Siri instead of Hey Siri, and you will not need to repeat it every time when you complete the conversation with her, the conversation will remain open until you finish.

Fifteen: An album for your pet

Previously, the Photos application was intelligently recognizing the characters in the photos and automatically and intelligently assigning albums to them. The iOS 17 version will now even recognize your pets in the photos and allocate albums to them, just as it does with humans.

These were 17 new features in IOS 17, the beta version will be available to developers already now, and the public beta version will be available next July, while the official version will be available to users this fall.

Here is the video from my digital channel about iOS 17

iOS 17 version

Share your opinion about it iOS 17 version the new From the system, did you think it was good? Will the upcoming Android 14 from Google be able to compete with it in terms of features and improvements? Your comments are waiting for us below in the comments section…

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