Apple Vision Pro glasses for mixed reality will change the world with a development of 5 thousand patents!! The price of Apple Vision Pro glasses is beyond imagination and the company is challenging the world!

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After months and even years of waiting, rumors, leaks and delays, the Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality glasses officially come out this time and are not just loose headlines. The glasses that everyone believes will change the world are now a reality and will soon be available in the market.

The glasses you say about Camel Its development required 5,000 patents, and it says it will make existing virtual glasses look like children’s toys. Is it really worth all this waiting, or will it be the biggest disappointment in the history of technology? Let’s find out in this quick review of the Apple Vision Pro glasses for mixed reality.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple introduced the glasses with pride and clear superiority over the companies that have been in the virtual glasses market for years. It said that the specifications and features included in Vision Pro make the glasses in the market appear as cheap children’s toys.

She added that the glasses cost more than five thousand patents during their manufacture, and she called them the most advanced personal electronic device in the world today… And it did not end here, she said that following in the footsteps of the Mac, which introduced the world to the concept of personal computing, and the iPhone, which introduced the concept of portable computing, Vision Pro will introduce The world is the concept of spatial computing, because it is not just a virtual glasses, but Apple considers it a powerful TV, an advanced sound system, a supercomputer and a lot of advantages.

All of this came from Apple’s tongue. In my opinion, let’s stop with this amount of marketing phrases permeated with a lot of arrogance and pride and take a look at the glasses themselves, the luxurious masterpiece that Apple presented to us as if it presents the new king of the Seven Kingdoms in the world of technology.

The Apple Vision Pro glasses came with the same design policy as most Apple devices of all kinds, all of which follow the one-piece system. The glasses come with a full glass front without a separate piece or part, the frame is aluminum, and in the back is a cloth part that is placed on the face and is removable and changeable and comes in several sizes to suit different face shapes.

On the left is a button and on the right is a digital ring to control the displayed content, and the side is surrounded by built-in speakers that emit sound with Spatial audio technology, suggesting to the user that the sound surrounds him 360 degrees to give more realism to the events taking place within the virtual world, and if you wear glasses, the helmet comes with corrected Zeiss lenses To look, it covers the user’s visual impairment problem while diving into the virtual world.

Apple Vision Pro glasses for mixed reality will change the world with a development of 5 thousand patents!!
Apple Vision Pro

The glasses are considered a mixed reality category, which is a mixture between virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR. The merging of the two technologies gives us a parallel world that is immersed in mixed sensations and unique experiences.

The glasses come without any control hands, all control is felt by sensors that monitor your eyes and hands with more than 12 cameras and additional sensors, in addition to smart assistants that respond to your voice commands, and all applications displayed on the interface can be controlled in dimensions to suit the user.

The glasses can run both VR and AR applications, and all the well-known and well-known applications will be developed to suit the identity and experience of the glasses. The Facetime application, for example, will display each side on a huge screen with a 360-degree sound distributed to the other side. The glasses will also allow 3D photos and videos to be taken to watch. later with more depth and greater unity.

You can use external elements to control, such as a Bluetooth keyboard or trackPad, or you can just use a virtual keyboard that performs your virtual affairs in the best way.

The interface of the glasses is able to switch between two modes, a transparent mode that shows your eyes to your companions in the outdoor environment to make sure that you are not isolated, but if you are and you have an immersive experience, then the interface will be covered with a fog that covers your eyes, preventing anyone from seeing them.

The two internal lenses have a resolution of 23 million pixels, and by combining them, the resolution becomes more than 4K in each eye, and the external screen comes with a curved type OLED that makes people in the outer center see you in the normal position.

Apple Vision Pro glasses for mixed reality will change the world with a development of 5 thousand patents!!
Apple Vision Pro

The sensors are able to track the eyes at high speed thanks to the M2 processor equipped with the glasses, in addition to the R1 chip, to process everything that the cameras and sensors monitor in fractions of a second.

One of the roles of these sensors is to scan your entire face to create a three-dimensional avatar to simulate you in the virtual world. It also has Optic ID technology, which is similar to Face ID, scanning a designated area of ​​the face for more privacy in use.

Apple confirms that the data is encrypted and remains in the device itself, and the glasses work with the VisionOS system developed by Apple specifically for it. The company says that hundreds or even thousands of iPad and iPhone applications will work on the new system and be compatible with it, such as the NBA 2K24 game and a hundred Apple arcade games that are already available in the market. In addition to modern 3D applications.

Using the glasses while they are connected to the power will enable them to last for a full day without problems, but with a separate battery, a full charge is enough to make them last for two hours.

Apple Vision Pro glasses for mixed reality will change the world with a development of 5 thousand patents!!
Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro price

With regard to the price, Apple finds that its product jumps the virtual glasses market to another level, but from its point of view it seems that there was no virtual glasses market before, its glasses will determine the scales and standards of this market.

So Apple has full confidence to offer the Vision Pro at a price of $ 3,499, and to accommodate the huge price gap, the pioneering Meta Quest Pro glasses from one of the dominant companies in the field of VR glasses, when it first came out on the market, it came out at a price of $ 1,500, and many found it high at the time.

Apple Vision Pro

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The glasses will be available in the first months of the coming year 2024, what do you think? Do you find that the Apple Vision Pro glasses are worth this astronomical price? After years of waiting, is the Vision Pro worth the wait? Share your opinion below in the comments section.

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