Some Xiaomi TVs and smartphones in India are now 3-6% more expensive

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In some rather unfortunate news for our Indian readers, Xiaomi has confirmed that they increased the prices of some of its smartphones and TVs by 3-6% from today 1st July. There are two main drivers behind the increased prices with the global chip shortage and increased shipping costs.

Due to the massive mismatch between demand and supply, most components used in smartphones, smart TVs and other electronic gadgets (chipsets, display panels, display drivers, back panels, batteries, etc.) have seen a constant upward movement in their prices.

While we have tried to absorb the rising costs, some of our products have witnessed a price increase. We also expect an inevitable 3-6% increase in the prices of our smart TVs from 1 July onwards. – Xiaomi India spokesman

A quick comparison reveals that the Redmi Note 10 now costs INR 1,000 more than it did at launch back in March. The newly launched Mi TV 4A 40 Horizon Edition is INR 1,000 more expensive now than at launch a month ago.

Other key players in the TV and smartphone business are also expected to have similar price increases in the coming month.


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