Samsung offers $125 discount on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G for trading in an old flip phone

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We know that there is a new Galaxy Flip model on the way and we also know that it will be pricey. If you want to save money, you can get the Galaxy Z Flip 5G with a swap offer – with the new Flip Your Flip campaign, you do not even have to swap a good phone.

Samsung is knocking $ 125 off the price of the old flip phone you have at the bottom of the drawer (obviously subject to some requirements). By comparison, a still-functioning Galaxy S9 Plus gets you the same $ 125, while an iPhone X is worth the $ 175 discount. A quick look at eBay shows that these are worth more than that.

But the outdated flip phone? Getting $ 125 for it becomes difficult under normal circumstances. We should note that this agreement is only available to US customers.

Samsung is offering a $ 125 discount on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G for trading an old flip phone

PS. the tweet from Samsung Mobile US claims that the Flip Your Flip discount is $ 100, however showing $ 125.


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