Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic prices leak

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series has a classic variant, which has a rotating frame (as seen in these reproductions) and a higher price – at least according to the leaked price information for this and the vanilla models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (reproduced here, no frame seen) comes in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm, the smaller one costs € 350-370, while the larger watch will be € 380-400. These two will be available in black, silver, green and gold.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic also offers two sizes to choose from, 42 mm and 46 mm. The former costs 470-500 €, the latter 500-530 €. The classic duo is only available in black and silver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic • Samsung Galaxy Watch4

It seems that there will be a premium of 30 € if you want the larger model (which comes with a larger screen and larger battery). In comparison, the 41 mm Galaxy Watch was launched at € 430, while the 45 mm was € 460 (again with a distance of € 30). There is no classic version of this watch, but the LTE-enabled model cost € 50 more at launch.

Looking back a year, the borderless Galaxy Watch Active2 40 mm was originally € 250, and the 44 mm model was € 270. However, there is no info on the price of the Galaxy Watch Active4 (if it exists at all – the vanilla model can take place).

But unless it’s the cheapest of the three, the barrier to entry into the country with the Wear OS-based One UI Watch will be higher than it was with the Tizen-based models.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

In any case, it’s not just watches, but Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Buds2. A few days ago we heard that they will cost $ 150-170, now we have rumors about prices for Europe – € 180-200. It’s more expensive than Buds Live was at launch (€ 170) and what Buds Pro cost now (€ 200). This is a surprise as Buds 2 does not have active noise reduction (ANC), so they should cost less than the pros.


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