Critical security alert for Samsung Galaxy phones with 90 critical security vulnerabilities discovered – here’s the perfect July update! List of Samsung Galaxy phones that will receive the new update necessary to fix 90 security holes!

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The July 2023 security patch is hitting more Samsung Galaxy mobiles, these types of updates are very important as they are meant to fix system or other bugs, so you should not miss it when it arrives on your device and it should be updated immediately.

Like every month, a wide range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones get the monthly update, and although there are times when the issues are minimal, this time the new version brings about 90 system fixes and some of them are quite serious, here are the details..

Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy phones that are being updated

Samsung is one of the brands that introduces the fastest security patches and this time it was July. The latest models that received the update notification are members of the Galaxy A52 family, including: Galaxy A52 – Galaxy A52 and its two brothers Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A52s.

Build number A525FXXS6DWG1 for Europe does not provide new system features, but does provide security fixes against threats, specifically this release includes 90 vulnerability fixes: 38 of them are for Galaxy devices; While there are 50 for Android and three of them have serious problems.

This is the Samsung Galaxy that can already be updated to the July 2023 security patch:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
– Galaxy S23 Plus + Samsung Galaxy S23
– Galaxy S23 phone – Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
– Galaxy S22 Plus + Samsung Galaxy S22
– Galaxy S22 phone – Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
– Galaxy S21 Plus + Samsung Galaxy S21
– Galaxy S21 phone – Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 F phone

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone
– Galaxy S20 Plus + Samsung Galaxy S20
– Galaxy S20 phone – Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Galaxy A54 phone
Galaxy A53 phone
Galaxy A52S phone
Galaxy A52 5G phone
Galaxy A52 phone
– Galaxy A51 – Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
Samsung Galaxy A51 phone

Critical security warning for Samsung Galaxy phones with 90 critical security vulnerabilities discovered - July update is the perfect solution!

Galaxy Note 20 phone
– Galaxy Note 10 phone – Samsung Galaxy Note10
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone
Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone
– Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone

And there are still many mid-range Samsung phones to receive the July update in 2023, but the South Korean company is working simultaneously on issuing the One UI 6.0 update based on Android 14, which is why it may be delayed for a while, but it will not take long.

Samsung Galaxy phones
Samsung Galaxy phones

How to update the phone?

Getting the new version of the system on your Android phone – specifically Samsung Galaxy – is very easy, and the procedure does not come with any complications so you can update the mobile phone to take advantage of 90 security fixes via the July 2023 patch and be safe from threats.

The steps to follow are as follows:

1-Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy device.
2- Select the “Software Update” option.
3- If an update is available, the “Download and Install” function will be available.

Samsung Galaxy phones
Samsung Galaxy phones updates

What do you think about updates samsung for her phones? Do you see it as a step towards development or are it negative gaps? Share your comments..

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