One UI 6 will soon displace One UI 5.1 Details about One UI 6

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Samsung continues to work on its new interface, One UI 6, which will displace One UI 5.1 through the features offered by the new interface, as new reports revealed additional details about it.

One UI 6 interface details

One UI 5.1, which debuted earlier this year, will soon be replaced by the beta version of the One UI 6 interface that is based on the Android 14 operating system from Samsung, as the company will start rolling out the interface soon, as we have already entered the schedule for the temporary release of the program.

Once Samsung starts beta testing One UI 6, Galaxy users will switch to the new operating system for new features. It will be available first for the latest Galaxy S phones and will be expanded to include older flagship phones later, in addition to that, the new update may not be limited to seven countries.

One UI 6 will soon replace One UI 5.1

Reports revealed that the new update will be available in more than seven regular markets. Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia could be some of the countries eligible for the new beta. This will allow more audience to test and try the main firmware.

According to the latest reports, the Android 14 One UI 6 beta update introduces a redesigned notification panel. The modification can be made to the quick settings panel as well, which is one of the most requested things by Samsung smartphone users.

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In addition, the music player has also been revamped with a new look and in addition to the updated icons, the major update uses more icons, as mentioned by the Samsung support official. Also, the appearance of settings and some core apps may be refreshed as well.

One UI 6 will soon replace One UI 5.1
One UI 6 will soon replace One UI 5.1

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