Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Lite to debut alongside Flip3

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The first time we heard anything about a Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 was last year. But we’ve heard a bit about it since, and some even suggested that Lite mode might have been pulled due to the global chip shortage. Anyway now Korea Herald sparkes these rumors again, claiming that Samsung is preparing a Lite model for the upcoming Unpacked event.

It is now clear that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3, where the former will even get a solid price reduction according to many rumors. But introducing a whole new, cheaper version of the model is something else. We are still aware of the information presented because we have heard almost nothing about Lite as opposed to the very detailed leaks to Z Flip3 and Z Fold3.

On the other hand, Intel’s discontinuation of the Z Flip3 Lite may be partially true, and we have not seen any specifications or reproductions as it is still far from being released. This again suggests that Lite may only come later in the year instead of being canceled altogether.


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