Rumor: the new MacBook Pros will use the M1X chipset, new MacBook Air coming in 2022 with M2

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The new MacBook Pros are reportedly ready to be launched later this year, and they will be powered by the Apple M1X chipset, says @Dylandkt. Next year, Apple will update the MacBook Air with a complete redesign and the M2 chipset, which will be less powerful.

The M1X will be fabbed on TSMC’s N5P process, a refined version of the 5 nm node used for the current M1. The chip probably uses the same core architecture as the M1, namely Firestorm and Icestorm cores, which are also found in the A14.

According to Dylan, the M1X will have a 10-core CPU with 8 large and 2 efficient cores (compared to the M1, which has a 4 + 4 configuration). The GPU core count (8 on the current chip) can be doubled or even quadrupled. There could also be a new Mac mini with the M1X.

MacBook Air: M1 (right)

MacBook Air: Intel (left) • M1 (right)

In contrast, the Apple M2 will have fewer CPU cores, even if they have to switch to a new architecture and a new node (which probably also means higher clock speeds). An earlier report from Nikkei Asia claimed that Apple will order 3 nm chipsets next year for use in new iPad Pro models. Presumably this refers to the M2 chip, which is also shared with the MacBook Air (both devices rely on passive cooling only, while the stiffer M1X design is likely to benefit from active cooling).

Or instead of splitting chips between form factors, Apple may be able to diversify its chipset lineup with dedicated phone, tablet, laptop and desktop chips. That Nikkei the report already mentioned that iPhone chips will be fabbed on a 4 nm process, so some diversification seems inevitable.

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