Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra first sale in India is on July 7

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After a series of promises and teasers, the Mi 11 Ultra has finally reached India. Almost. The first sale to the Chinese company’s top-line unit will take place on July 7 at 12 local time on the Indian Mi.com site. Note that this will be a “Superfan Limited Quantity Sale” according to Xiaomi, so expect stock to be severely limited and disappear completely within minutes, if not seconds.

Yesterday, Xiaomi opened registrations for the Mi 11 Ultra in India, and at the time, it had not revealed when the first sale would take place. Well you know that now, and if you signed up, you might have a chance to grab a device. Speaking of registration, this may or may not still be open at the time you read this – can not hurt to try go to this link.

The Mi 11 Ultra is priced at INR 74,999, with some gift cards giving you an INR 5,000 discount. It’s still far from cheap, but it might just be worth it as Xiaomi’s first ever real flagship device. If you are interested in learning more about it, do not miss our in-depth review.


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