Samsung’s Bixby gets a major update, no need for voice training anymore

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A new Bixby update is rolled out to Samsung users, which should significantly improve the user experience. The update does not make it much smarter than it already is, but it helps with the ease of use.

To begin with, the “Hi Bixby” command no longer requires voice training, which streamlines the original setup. The answer to your voice query has also changed, and it no longer takes up the entire screen, but only a small portion of it. It stays there by default for 15 seconds, but there is an option to adjust that time.

An important change under the hood will be the personal answer. The voice assistant learns about your preferences over time and displays a specific response to your needs if the “Personal Bixby” switch is enabled.

There is also an option to place a quick command icon on your home screen for faster and more convenient task execution.

The update itself is already available on Samsung’s Galaxy Store, but it may take some time before it arrives in all markets.


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