Samsung is cracking down on supply chain leakers

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Leakage has become an integral part of the smartphone industry and it seems impossible to keep a smartphone under wraps until its announcement these days. However, brands like Samsung and Apple do not really appreciate their products being revealed long before the actual announcement. And these leaks occur more often than not somewhere in the supply chain.

Samsung reportedly seeks to minimize these leaks and has already issued strong warnings to its supply chain partners. The company has already begun investigating leaks and handing out copyright statements so companies are applying strict policies.

What does this mean for leaks in the future? Well, only time will tell, but our best guess is that Samsung-related leaks during degradation will decrease before picking up the pace again when this blows over.

For let’s face it, even with the strictest rules in place, there is always someone willing to leak. Take Apple for example. There are workers who are required to wear body cams during their shifts, which is far from proving how seriously Apple takes its intellectual property, and we still know all about a new iPhone way before Tim Cook shows it on stage.

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