Apple quietly releases official MagSafe battery pack for $99

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Apple has quietly released its official MagSafe battery pack for $ 99. The MagSafe battery pack is now available from the Apple website. The battery pack only comes in white with a matte finish and has a lightning port to recharge it.

The new item is support page explains that the MagSafe battery pack can be charged with up to 20W of power. The battery pack can recharge the iPhone 12 up to 15W, but only when the battery pack is connected to a 20W or higher adapter. The battery pack can also be recharged if the iPhone is plugged in. The MagSafe battery recharges the iPhone at 5W while away from the mains.

Official Apple Photos of MagSafe Battery Pack
Official Apple Photos of MagSafe Battery Pack

Official Apple Photos of MagSafe Battery Pack

The battery pack does not include a charger or cable, nor does Apple show how much you can expect this product to extend battery life on an iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, the package has a capacity of 11.2 watt hours or 1460 mAh, which may be enough to fully charge the iPhone 12 mini.


Back in February, Bloomberg sources reported that Apple was reportedly working on a MagSafe battery pack accessory for the iPhone 12 lineup. It was reported that prototypes of the accessory were overheated due to software issues.

Apple introduced MagSafe on the iPhone 12 lineup, and the feature uses magnets as lineup and clicks into place for wireless charging. MagSafe is implemented in both first-party and third-party cases, wallets and other charger accessories.


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