Bloomberg: Apple is looking to make 90 million units of its next iPhones

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A new Bloomberg report emerged claiming that Apple will look at increasing its iPhone production for the upcoming 2021 models. Based on details from supply chain partners, Cupertino will appear to have ready 20% more iPhones compared to last year’s launch of a total of 90 million units in the initial period. Despite the global shortage of chipsets, Apple’s supply chain remains unaffected, and key partners like TSMC have already planned their orders in advance. The launch date for the upcoming iPhones is rumored to take place in September.

Apple is building on strong momentum from the iPhone 12 release in 2020 and can continue to benefit from 5G smartphone upgrades and an overall improved smartphone market to follow up with another strong release.

Still, the expected growth in the original production ramp is skewed by the fact that the iPhone 12 was released later than normal in 2020, while the next iPhone is expected to return to the normal release window in late September. – Matthew Kanterman, analyst at Bloomberg

In terms of specifications, Bloomberg expects at least one of the new iPhones (probably the Pro models) to have an LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) screen. These monitors can adjust the refresh rate immediately, resulting in improved battery life. The new iPhones have redesigned slimmer notches as speculated in previous leaks.

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As for the cameras, Apple will offer a step-by-step upgrade to the video division with optical zoom. The chipset that followed last year’s A14 should offer a similar six-core architecture.

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