A leak reveals the upcoming Galaxy Buds FE headset. Samsung will launch an economical headset soon

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It was rumored earlier this year that Samsung would eventually launch new wireless headphones under the name Galaxy Buds 3, but it seems that Samsung’s plans differ from the rumors, as it will launch a wireless headphone under the name Galaxy Buds FE.

Galaxy Buds FE specifications

According to new leaks, the new headphone will carry model number SM-R400N and will have the same design as the Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds 2 Pro, featuring a square, rounded shape with a Type C port.

However, the wireless earbuds appear to have winged tips similar to those found on the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+, making them more stable in the ears.

An image of a case for the Galaxy Buds FE appears in white, which means that it will be available in this color. The case also features LED lights for charging and a battery indicator.

Thanks to its ear tips that resemble the old generation Galaxy Buds+, the new earphone has 4 microphones, two in each earphone, a wear detection sensor, and silicone ear tips.

A leak reveals the upcoming Galaxy Buds FE headset

The headset also supports wireless charging and advanced features such as Hi-Fi, and the headset will be available in two different sizes to suit all people.


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