How to check Xiaomi phone support and continuity of updates: Your comprehensive guide How do you know about Xiaomi phone support and continuity of updates?

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Xiaomi is one of the most prominent mobile phone manufacturers, offering smartphones with an excellent quality/price ratio through its “Redmi” and “Poco” brands. However, an important challenge arises when it comes to MIUI software, as Xiaomi shows changes in its update policy.

How do you know about Xiaomi phone support and continuity of updates?

Typically, Xiaomi does not provide official support for its phones for more than 3 years, and usually stops releasing security updates and patches after this time. So, how can users know if their Xiaomi phone is still receiving official support and updates?

The official portal of the Xiaomi Phone Security and Support Center

To find out if your Xiaomi phone is still receiving updates, you can visit the Xiaomi Security Center portal. In this portal, you will find details about devices that no longer have official support from Xiaomi and that will not receive further updates.

List of products that have reached end of life cycle (EOL)

Support for Xiaomi phone and its continuity of updates

Under the “List of products that have arrived” section End of life cycle (EOL)“, you can see devices that have already reached the end of their life cycle and no longer have official support from Xiaomi. If your phone is on this list, it means it will not receive any more updates.

Update Details – Applicable Models

In section “Update details – Applicable Models”, you will find a list of devices that will receive the new monthly security patches for Android, depending on the current month’s update. This list is updated monthly.

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By referring to these two lists, you can find out whether your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone will continue to receive interface updates MIUI And if you will receive the new security patches in the current month.

So, from now on, you can easily follow your Xiaomi phone support and keep your phone system protected with the latest updates.

Will your phone get future updates?

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