The One UI 6.0 interface brings an important feature for system and application updates on Samsung phones. The One UI 6.0 interface update surprises users with an important feature for system and application updates.

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One of Android’s strengths is its customization capabilities, which are combined with Samsung’s One UI 6.0 interface with more options, which is confirmed by the new version Android 14.

One UI 6.0 provides improved control over app updates

In the One UI 6.0 interface, which is currently in beta for a select number of Samsung phones. Provided by the developer team Samsung A great feature regarding operating system and application updates.

Samsung devices automatically bundle system app updates with regular software updates. Users have no say in this matter. However, the One UI 6.0 update takes a different approach.

In One UI 6.0, users now have the ability to select which system apps will be updated when a new version of Google’s phone operating system is installed. This major shift in control was first noticed in the third beta version of One UI 6.0. It is located under software update settings.

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    One UI 6.0 brings an important feature for system and application updates on Samsung phones

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When you get to the Software update section, you will notice a new option. It is the ability to determine which applications should be updated along with the operating system. Tapping this option will direct you to a screen listing all Samsung system apps. Allowing you to choose any of them and it will be updated automatically.

It’s important to note that many of these apps can still be updated individually through the Samsung Galaxy Store or Google Play Store, both of which offer automatic update options.

One UI 6.0 interface
One UI 6.0 interface

Therefore, even if you decide not to update these applications during a version upgrade Android , it may continue to update itself based on your settings. However, disabling app updates may speed up the overall operating system update process.

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It is worth noting that the latest version of Samsung’s One UI interface, One UI 6.0, enables Android users to have greater control over system application updates. By allowing users to choose which apps will be updated automatically, Samsung meets the customization needs of its users.

One UI 6.0 interface
One UI 6.0 interface

It provides this improvement, alongside the existing update options available through the Store Samsung Galaxy Store And a store Google Play a comprehensive approach to keeping devices up to date.

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