Realme 11 Pro Plus is a link between mid-range and flagship phones at a special price for Arab countries. The price and specifications of Realme 11 Pro Plus make it the ideal choice for Arab youth.

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In this article, we take a tour with Realme, which sent us the jewel of its phones that belong to the category of upper mid-range phones, Realme 11 Pro Plus, which Realme said comes after applying the slogan “No innovation…no launch.” So let us get to know the innovations it brought and whether it will be On the level of promises or not.

Realme 11 Pro Plus design

At the design level, we can say with confidence that Realme was creative in this phone, which resulted from cooperation with designer Matteo Minuto, the former designer at GUCCI. We find that the back comes from leather embroidered in the middle with an interwoven golden fabric that raises the beauty of the phone to another level, and shows its identity strongly. At first glance, which makes it unique and elegant with a design that we see for the first time in smartphones. Realme used plastic to manufacture the phone’s frame, which gave it great reliability.

The phone has dimensions of 16.1 cm in length, 7.39 cm in width, 8.2 mm in thickness, and weighs 183 g, making it lightweight with dimensions suitable for handling with one hand.

On the right we find the power button with the volume control button above it. On the left we do not find any ports. From the bottom we find the charging port and the SIM card port, which supports the installation of two SIM cards and does not support the installation of an external memory card. We also find the external speaker port. From the top we find another port for external speakers and an additional microphone for noise isolation.

From the front, we find that the screen is curved with small, symmetrical edges. The screen represents 90.2% of the total area of ​​the phone’s interface, including the bottom of the fingerprint sensor and the top of a small hole for the front camera.

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On the back, we find three cameras and a single LED flash in a large circular frame that includes the main camera in the center of the circle and the other two cameras and the flash distributed on its outer edges in an aesthetic appearance. The camera frame has a small protrusion that disappears completely with the installation of the phone back protection cover included in the phone box

The overall design is elegant, simple, modern and unique, and the phone will also be available in another version whose back is made of plastic instead of leather.

Realme 11 Pro Plus
Realme 11 Pro Plus

Realme 11 Pro Plus specifications

Screen and sound

Realme 11 Pro Plus is equipped with a 6.7-inch curved AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2412 pixels with a pixel density of 394 pixels per inch, with support for a 120Hz refresh rate, in addition to the screen’s support for the HDR10+ feature, with support for more than a billion colors and a brightness of up to 950 lumens. Only, which was below our expectations, as we were waiting for it to have a higher brightness to give us greater comfort in direct sunlight.

This screen provided us with an enjoyable viewing experience with multiple colors and clear purity in various viewing modes. Its support for 120 Hz frequency makes it smooth to use during various uses.

As for audio, the phone supports stereo sound technology and Dolby Atmos technology, which makes it able to provide clear audio diversity with rich layers of sound and a tangible beat, which makes the entertainment experience on it truly distinct.

Realme 11 Pro Plus
Realme 11 Pro Plus


Realme 11 Pro Plus comes with a processor from MediaTek, which is Dimensity 7050 with 6 nano technology, with a Mali-G68 MC4 graphics processor. The processor consists of two high-performance Cortex-A78 cores with a frequency of 2.6 GHz and six energy-saving Cortex-A55 cores with a speed of 2.0 GHz, with support for… For LPDDR 5 / LPDDR4x random access memory and UFS 3.1 / 2.1 storage standards.

When it comes to display capabilities, the 7050 processor can handle screens with resolutions of up to 2520 x 1080 pixels and refresh rates of 120 Hz, and camera support is also impressive, with the ability to accommodate lenses of up to 200 megapixels, and 4K video recording with HDR support. The phone will be available In several versions for internal memory and RAM:

The first version has 8 GB RAM with 256 GB internal memory
The second version has 12 GB RAM with 256 GB internal memory
The fourth version has 12 GB RAM with 512 GB internal memory

In addition to the RAM EXPANSION feature, through which Realme provides for the first time the ability to increase the size of the RAM to a total of 24 GB RAM to handle any arduous operations very smoothly.

The phone achieved the following numbers on test platforms:

Intoto GeekPunch for one core GeekPunch for all cores
566921 818 2084

These numbers were reflected in the phone’s performance in various scenarios, especially with heavy games such as PUBG, where it provided smooth performance without stuttering or frame drops, with a slight increase in the phone’s temperature, despite the hot summer atmosphere that we are currently living in.

Interface and operating system

This phone runs on the Android 13 platform with the Realme UI 4 operating interface, which is, as we are accustomed, light and stable, and was indeed one of the most important reasons for the high performance capacity of the processor and providing a light performance experience. In addition, Realme has worked to add some advanced features to its interface, such as the ability to split the screen, and EASY MODE to help the elderly and those who suffer from poor vision to use the phone easily.


The Realme 11 Pro Plus phone supports the installation of two Nano-SIM cards. With its support for fifth generation networks, as for communication hardware, we find that Wi-Fi comes from the sixth generation at the a/b/g/n/ac frequencies. It also supports Wi-Fi Display, Wifi tethering, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth comes Version 5.3 with support for A2DP, LE, in addition to its support for the NFC feature, the availability of which may vary from one country to another.

Realme 11 Pro Plus
Realme 11 Pro Plus


The imaging system here consists of four cameras. The front camera comes with a resolution of 32 megapixels and a lens aperture of 2.5. Supported by HDR technology and capable of shooting videos at 1080p resolution at a rate of 30 frames per second, this camera provided us with a group of good images in good and medium lighting conditions, with a balance in the accuracy of details and lighting of the scene in general.

On the back we find three cameras, the primary one comes with a resolution of 200 megapixels with an F/1.7 lens aperture that supports 4X optical zoom in addition to OIS optical stabilization. The second 8-megapixel camera with an F/2.2 lens aperture is intended for wide-angle photography, while the last camera comes with a resolution of 2 megapixels with an aperture. F/2.0 lens, which is for macro.

The performance of the rear imaging system was enjoyable in various lighting conditions, as the details of the images were sharp without distortion, with good capabilities of the artificial intelligence in dealing with images taken in difficult conditions such as shadows and the contrast of light intensity between high and low intensity, which gave us comfort in dealing with these cameras at various times. .

The rear camera can shoot videos at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and also at 1080p at 30 and 60 frames per second.

the battery

The battery here comes with a capacity of 5000 mAh and supports 100-watt fast charging with SUPER VOOC technology, so that it can charge the entire battery in approximately 25 minutes.
Realme used the new gallium nitride material in manufacturing the phone’s charging connectors, increasing the phone’s cooling rate by 85%, according to Realme’s statements, to ensure complete security for the battery and phone during charging, in addition to using the SUPER VOOC-S chip to intelligently manage the charging process.

Realme 11 Pro Plus
Realme 11 Pro Plus

Realme 11 Pro Plus price

The price of the phone is 16,000 Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to 517 US dollars, and here are the prices in various Arab currencies:

the currency the currency
U.S. dollar 517 Iraqi Dinar 697042
Egyptian Pound 16000 Syrian Pound 7212150
SR 1941 LL 46530000
Kuwaiti Dinar 160 Jordanian dinar 366
AED 1901 Yemeni riyal 129613
Turkish lire 13895 Ld 2506
Sudanese pound 311414 Moroccan dirham 5305
Tunisian dinar 1620 Omani Riyal 199
Algerian Dinar 71000 Qatari Ryal 1890
euro 483 Palestine 366
Bahraini dinar 195

We liked it and we didn’t like it

We liked it

1- Phone design
2- Design
3- Phone manufacturing materials
4- Screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz
5- Camera performance
6- Battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh
7- 100 watt charger

We didn’t like it

1- Not resistant to water and dust
2-The screen brightness is not what we expected
3- It does not support the possibility of installing an external memory card
4- No information about the screen protection layer

Finally: He saw my number

The Realme 11 Pro Plus phone offers a new standard of quality and elegance in this category of phones because of its elegance of design with the quality of manufacturing materials, and it also did not skimp on it. Realme It achieved what it promised, as the phone has many innovations in various aspects, which raised the operation and reliability of the phone to a new level, in addition to smooth and stable performance in various scenarios.

So tell us what you think of the phone and whether it can compete with the giants of this category or not.

This was all about the Realme 11 Pro Plus, and here is a video of the phone from the channel Digital TV YouTube details everything about it with pictures:

Realme 11 Pro Plus

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