Galaxy Buds 2 borrows a great feature from Apple AirPods.. Get to know it

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Samsung is preparing for the upcoming 2021 Samsung Unpacked event, in which it will unveil its latest products and devices, which will include a new pair of wireless earbuds called Galaxy Buds 2, along with smart watches and smartphones with new foldable screens.

Recently, a lot of information has been revealed about the Galaxy Buds 2 and those other upcoming products thanks to a massive amount of leaks. However, today some new details about the earbuds were revealed through Samsung’s own Galaxy Wearable app.

A great feature coming to Galaxy Buds 2

Although Samsung hasn’t released the Galaxy Buds 2 yet, it’s already gearing up to implement the Galaxy Wearable so it can support the new earbuds when they hit the market. One of the developers managed to dig deeper into the upcoming update of the app and extract some interesting details among which is a very cool feature.

It looks like Samsung will copy a feature from the Apple AirPods where users will be able to use Active Noise Canceling (ANC) when using only one Galaxy Buds 2.

This feature is likely to reach the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live via an update. The same applies to the new touchpad controls in the latest version of the app, as Samsung will allow the user to individually disable or enable touchpad actions such as tap, double tap, triple tap and touch and hold on the Galaxy Buds 2.

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Galaxy Buds 2 borrows a great feature from Apple AirPods.. Get to know it

The app icon doesn’t seem to have any option to choose between the high and low levels of Active Noise Canceling (ANC) or the 360 ​​Audio feature that were introduced with the Galaxy Buds Pro.

However, these features may be present but not visible yet. The Galaxy Buds 2 will likely get all the features of the Galaxy Buds Pro out of the box, unless Samsung wants to keep some of its Galaxy Buds Pro exclusives so it can continue to sell both products.

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The app also revealed the yellow color option for the Galaxy Buds 2 headphones, and previously known color options, including black, green, violet and white, were also confirmed, although the green version spotted in the app is slightly different from what the leaked images showed us.

Galaxy Buds 2 borrows a great feature from Apple AirPods.. Get to know it

Samsung also redesigned some parts of the app Galaxy Wearable , such as the battery stats screen and Find my earbuds section. Also, the application also shows the battery capacity of the headphones, which is 61 mAh in each earbud and 472 mAh.

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What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones? Do you think you will be able to outperform the Apple AirPods? Tell us via the comments.

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