Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 5 Seeds You Should Discover

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Minecraft has gained worldwide fame since its launch more than a decade ago, and is now one of the most popular and successful computer games. The developers have also released a Minecraft Pocket Edition version of the game so that users can play it on their mobile devices, and this version was launched for Android and iOS platforms in December 2019.

Seeds are one of the basic elements of Minecraft, and they consist of a combination of letters and numbers that are used to create a world for the player to make the game more lively and full of life.

With the help of seeds, you can create anything and explore new worlds with unique terrains or creatures for players to interact with and enjoy and interesting spawn points. The game uses random seeds to create a world but allows players to use custom seeds to create anything they want.

Top 5 seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Top 5 seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition

In this article on our Digital TV, we have listed the top five seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which can be used to create a new world.

1- 17 Diamond vein

The first seed on the list is diamond, which is also one of the game’s most valuable resources. This seed features a diamond vein containing 17 ores and you can get it from the coordinates: 213/7/263. The seed number is 1329676102. Using this seed will help you to create all kinds of diamond tools while keeping some diamonds in the bag.

2- Dark oak forests with plains village

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 5 Seeds You Should Discover

This seed will be found at the spawn point and offers a lively village of the plains. You can find plenty of straw bales here to help you maintain a food supply as straw bales can be turned into bread. In addition, you can also use it as a barter with farmers in the villages to get some food.

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3- Amethyst geodes (precious gemstones)

Amethyst is a series of minable resources in Minecraft, and is one of the most recent additions to the game. Added by game developers with an update Minecraft 1.17 Cave and Cliffs. You can find these seeds at coordinates: 881/68/783, in an exposed amethyst geode near the spawn area.

4- Ocean Monument

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 5 Seeds You Should Discover

You can find this seed at coordinates: 4243/69/990, which appears to be an ocean bastion and monument. You can locate the fort from the outside but you may have difficulty entering it due to the presence of an ocean monument. Players can apply mining stress which will prevent them from mining blocks.

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5- Spawn near a ruined gate

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Top 5 Seeds You Should Discover

You can find this seed at spawning, which will give you access to a ruined village and gate in front of the simple village. According to reports, there is most likely a chance of spotting amethyst geodes below the ruined gate.

These were some of the best seeds you can collect to design your world in Minecraft Pocket Edition. As mentioned above, you can use them for a range of possibilities such as creating a castle, weapons, buying food from farmers, and much more. Just follow the given coordinates and enjoy the game.

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