The 5 most important features of the Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO printer, which is a breakthrough in 3D printing. The Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO printer constitutes a qualitative leap in the world of 3D printing.

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We present to you our experience with one of the best printers from the most powerful 3D printer manufacturers in the world (Creality), which is the Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO printer. Let us get to know its five most important features. Welcome..

It is no secret to you that 3D printers have become one of the most advanced and rising technologies in our world, due to what they can achieve in transforming any design into a tangible reality that can help us on a technical or professional level. Here are the features of the printer with a detailed video at the end of the article from the Raqmi TV channel:

The 5 most important features of the Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO printer

First: Ready to use directly

One of the best features of this printer is that it does not need to assemble parts after taking it out of the box. It is ready to work immediately. Connect the power cable and press the start button, and here it is ready to receive your designs and turn them into reality.

In addition, Creality used high-quality manufacturing materials, which gave it great reliability in various usage scenarios, in addition to the precision of manufacturing and the durability of the materials in the moving parts such as the print head movement shaft, the printing screen, and all the parts that would affect the quality of the final product.

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  • The 5 most important features of the Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO printer, which is a breakthrough in 3D printing

Let us not forget the easy-to-open flip LED cover that can be lifted up to give us ease in dealing with the printer. Of course, the cover comes in orange to reduce ultraviolet rays by 99.89%, which would spoil the resin.

Creality Halot Mig Pro
Creality Halot Mig Pro

Second: It is a smart printer

One of the best features of this printer is that it is equipped with artificial intelligence to improve the user experience. Firstly, we find the smart pump that can refill and empty the resin tank on its own depending on the level of resin, as it can add a full liter in less than half an hour, which is something that is greatly appreciated by Crealati, as this helps. Those who are determined to implement any project without fear of the resin ending up in the printer pool.

Then there is the smart air purifier equipped with an active carbon filter to efficiently absorb all the resin vapors and produce clean air. This filter is five times larger than other filters in competing printers, which makes it more efficient in recirculating air.

Creality Halot Mig Pro
Creality Halot Mig Pro

Third: – Easy and smart user interface

The user interface here consists of two USBs, one for installing an external flash memory to transfer commands, and the other you can use to install a hyperlapse camera to photograph the stages of design production, which is a nice touch from Crealati. We also find a 4.3-inch touch screen through which you can easily access all of the printer’s capabilities and settings. .

Fourth: Fast and accurate

It is considered the most important features Creality Halot Mig Pro Its printing speed reaches 170 mm/hour, which is considered approximately five times faster than competitors. In addition, these designs are implemented on a 10.3-inch mono LCD with 8K quality, which makes the size of the printing area large, with dimensions reaching 228 mm in length and 128 mm in width. And 230 mm in height.

There is a Dynax movement system that relies on a motor that gives a movement speed of 100 mm/second with a torque of 1300 Newton/meter. It is characterized by its stability and does not cause any vibrations when working at low speeds. It also does not cause any loss in the steps of building layers at high speeds, which gives us details. Clear accuracy without any design distortions.

Creality Halot Mig Pro
Creality Halot Mig Pro

Fifth: You can work on it from anywhere

You can connect to this printer in several ways. You can access it via the Wi-Fi network at home or at work. You can also use flash drives to transfer commands to it. There is also Creality Cloud, which is a cloud storage service provided by Creality to facilitate access and execution of commands remotely.

Finally, Creality invites you to attend the “Middle East Reverse Engineering and Manufacturing Exhibition” between September 25 and 27, in which you will participate and where you will have the opportunity to mingle and gain experiences from giants of 3D printing and its multiple uses. You will be able to register through the attached link located in the description box below the video.

These were the 5 most important features of the Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO printer. What do you think? Tell us in the comments..

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