Explain how to measure the level of water resistance in Samsung phones 2021

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Most of the mid-range and budget-friendly Samsung smartphones have a waterproof protection or an IP rating that indicates how resistant the phone is to water, but in the event that your phone is repaired or even a few years old, it is possible that it may not be as waterproof as you think .

The question now, how to check the Samsung phone and see if it is still waterproof or not? There is really no way to test this without drowning or putting your Samsung phone in water. If your phone is waterproof, it will survive but if not, your phone may be damaged or killed.

Steps to measure the level of water resistance in Samsung phones

Fortunately, there is an app for just about everything these days, among those apps there is an app that can tell you if the device is still waterproof or not. Let’s get acquainted with this application and how to use it.

Water Resistance Tester

The Water Resistance Tester app claims that it actually provides the ability to measure the level of water resistance in Samsung phones. Developed by Ray W, the app relies on data from the atmospheric pressure sensor found in most devices to primarily predict the state of the water resistance. [play.google.com]


With the app downloaded and installed on your phone, it will tell you to leave your phone alone for a minute or two as the sensor is calibrated to measure the level of water resistance. You are then asked to press firmly on the screen at two points using both thumbs. The app measures the pressure difference to let you know the level of water resistance.

You can test it by removing the SIM card on a device pre-selected as waterproof. The app will show a negative result when the SIM is out.

Explain how to measure the level of water resistance in Samsung phones 2021

The app can be a bit moody. It gave us a positive and negative result in back-to-back tests on the same Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is nothing strange, because the developer himself does not give any guarantees on the accuracy of the results. You can watch the YouTube video below as well to know all about how to use this app.

Anyway, you can download and install Water Resistance Tester from the Google Play Market and it is available for free download, contains in-app ads that you can remove for $0.99.

Please and not an order, use the app and then attach us a screenshot from your phone in the comments section below…

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