Android 12 – Android 12 brings an update to about 1000 emoji with distinctive shapes

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Emoji or emoticons have become an important way to share feelings, as they shorten many words during messaging. New emojis are added frequently to the Unicode encoding standard, and operating system upgrades are usually required to support those new emojis system-wide.

And today I hinted a company The Google Through its official blog, it has brought an update of more than 1,000 emojis within the upcoming Android 12 system. The emojis will include more than 992 emojis specifically and have been improved to make them more universal and more accessible.

Update emoji in Android 12

According to Google, the updated emoji will be available during the last quarter of the current year 2021 alongside Emoji 14.0 with the official Android 12 update, but the company confirmed that the new emoji will also be available for older versions through various applications, and will soon be available for Google services such as Chrome, Gmail and direct chat in The YouTube.

Android 12 – Android 12 brings an update to about 1000 emoji with distinctive shapes

The new emoji adjustments do not introduce drastic changes, but they will appear more clearly so that they are easier to understand by all users. For example, the classic pumpkin cake emoji is understandable only to Americans, but with the new update, the emoji has become very appropriate and understandable to most users worldwide.

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It is reported that Google has previously indicated that Android 12 will update the emoji or emoji separately so that the new and updated icons can be obtained through an updated font file instead of updating the entire system and thus get the new emoji faster.

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