Galaxy S22 Ultra with a sparkling design | Xiaomi Mi 12 Super Camera | Jeff Bezos races into space

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Samsung shines in the design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and leaks about the camera phone Xiaomi Mi 12.. What is the latest news of Jeff Bezos’s travel to space after days? We follow this and other news through Tech Post from My TV.

Xiaomi Mi 12 camera and other news in Tech Bulletin

New and dangerous leaked images of the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 appeared, where an imaginary design of the phone was published based on the existing leaks.. And if Samsung is preparing for the great design, Xiaomi has a strong response, but this time in the cameras of the upcoming phone Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra ..

We hear about space flights for NASA, and the owners of the trip are the astronauts, but in a few days we will see a space flight for the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, and NASA warns..

The WhatsApp application begins testing the feature of the disappearance of images after seeing them, with the possibility of the sender specifying the number of times the image is seen if it will disappear after viewing it for the first time or more, and Canada announces the ban on fuel-powered cars starting in 2035 as part of attempts to eliminate carbon emissions.

In a strange step, the Instagram application announces the start of testing the exclusive story feature, that is, you have to pay if you want to watch a story for a High Light account or summary, in exchange for a monthly subscription..

Galaxy S22 Ultra with a sparkling design |  Xiaomi Mi 12 Super Camera |  Jeff Bezos races into space

Car AirCar The plane achieves a new achievement by flying between two cities at once, continuously and without stopping, knowing that the car includes an engine from BMW, and the flight was 35 minutes, and within ten seconds it turns from a car to a plane, a rare fire appears on the surface of the sea in the Gulf of Mexico Due to the explosion of an underwater oil pipeline valve, it formed a scene that was called the eye of hell..

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