WhatsApp warns: Using GB WhatsApp can lead to a ban!!

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GB WhatsApp is the most popular modified version of WhatsApp. Thanks to GB WhatsApp, you can get many new features that are not present on the regular WhatsApp.

Once you use GB WhatsApp, we guarantee that it will be hard to get back from it, but these features have great risks, that your WhatsApp account can be permanently banned. If you are using GB WhatsApp then you should follow this article, keep reading as you may want to change your decision and go back to using the original WhatsApp app.

First, why is GB WhatsApp so popular?
Of course the answer will be easy, since there are more features!
We can provide you with this introduction about the modified application, as this version comes from WhatsApp With some amazing features like auto reply, send more photos, themes, download status, filter messages, etc. but one of the most useful features is showing blue ticks after replying.

GB WhatsApp

By enabling this feature, the blue tick will only be displayed once a chat is answered. There are also features like anti-deletion of messages and disabling forwarding. For status lovers, they can see other people’s deleted status and even download status in one click.

However, all of these features come at a hefty cost. “Do not attempt to send bulk messages, send automated messages or auto-connect with WhatsApp, WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and reports from users to detect and block accounts sending spam. This includes regular contact with users in ways they may not want to. Also, do not create accounts or groups in unauthorized or automated ways, or use modified versions of WhatsApp.” WhatsApp warns people who are using modified versions of the popular messaging app WhatsApp.

WhatsApp warns: Using GB WhatsApp can lead to a ban!!

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Availability of different versions of GB WhatsApp

This warning is not limited to GB WhatsApp only, but to every modded version of WhatsApp in the market. You will not find the modified WhatsApp in the Google Play Store and you have to download it via the APK file.

There is also a high risk of downloading incorrect malware due to the different types of GB WhatsApp. Some contain ads, others work just fine.

GB Whatsapp

Recently, there was news that WhatsApp Pink was a scam. It asks you to login to your WhatsApp account and then takes control of your account.
In short, the modded WhatsApp has great features but the question is whether it is worth it or not.

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WhatsApp warns: Using GB WhatsApp can lead to a ban!!

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