Android 12 – Android 12, the third beta version, will bring 5 important features to your phone… Know them now

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The third beta version of Android 12 will bring many interesting new features. These features are already official and available in the operating system, so they will arrive on your mobile phone when it is updated. Unfortunately, we still do not know when the update will reach the mobile phones of various manufacturers.

At the same time, we know that Android 12 will have 5 new functions that you will love. If your mobile phone is relatively new, it will definitely be updated, so these new features may interest you.

The most important features of Android 12

With the third beta version of Android 12, many functions and features have been discovered that will become official soon. The operating system is getting closer and closer to being official and stable. In general, let’s get acquainted with the 5 most important features that Android 12 will bring to phones.

Long screenshot

Android 12

If you have a Samsung phone, you probably know what a long screenshot is. It is a really cool feature as it allows you to capture an entire web page or WhatsApp conversation. Yes, everything is captured to end up presenting a very elongated image with all the content.

Significant improvement in auto rotation

Android 12 includes an improved screen rotation system. According to Google, this system has been improved to better detect gestures and device status. Now not only is it smarter, but it runs 25% faster than before.

Goodbye colors in Android 12 settings

One of the most important design details in Android 12 settings. Now there are no colors to distinguish the icons. Each icon turns black or white depending on the dark mode. This makes the settings more serious and makes the different themes a better fit when implemented.

Android 12 - Android 12, the third beta version, will bring 5 important features to your phone... Get to know them now

Disable scrolling to open the Google Assistant

Swiping up and inadvertently opening Google Assistant is something that happens to all users multiple times. In Android 12, Google will allow you to disable the way to invoke the Google Assistant, so you can deactivate it so you don’t activate the wrong one.

Find out the size of the Recycle Bin

So far, Android has not shown how much the Recycle Bin is being consumed. But in Android 12, Device Storage Manager will show how many gigabytes this recycle bin takes up so that you decide whether to delete it or not to free up space on your mobile phone. Which is really useful and more than great and we all need it.

These are the five most interesting new features in Android 12 Beta 3. If all goes as it should, the new operating system will be revealed officially In mid-August or early September.

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