Android 12 – Android 12 brings a Samsung feature that we all need

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Samsung fans have been enjoying the long screenshot feature since 2016, and it was first introduced with the Galaxy S7. On the other hand, Google has now introduced this feature with the release of Android 12. According to the source, the long screenshot feature of Google in Android 12 is still not as good as Samsung.

The most important feature that Android 12 will bring

Google has started testing a long screenshot with the beta version of Android 11, but it hasn’t made it to the final version. The company re-launched it with the third beta version of Android 12 this week. Although it allows users to take long screenshots of the user interface, it does not work well within applications.

For example, this feature works fine within Google Messages and Twitter, but fails to work in web browsers. The folks at Android Police have tried to take a long screenshot inside Chrome, Firefox and Samsung Internet, but the Capture More button doesn’t appear at all.

Android 12

Hopefully, Google will fix this feature when the last public version of Android 12 is released. The internet search giant has stated that the feature is currently working on display-based user interfaces, and web support is expected in the future. The Samsung app allows users to take a long screenshot, annotate screenshots, crop and send screenshots as soon as they are taken. The company allows users to add tags so that they can be easily found in the Gallery app. source

Android 12 - Android 12 brings a Samsung feature that we all need
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What is the most important feature that must be available in Android 12?

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